18 thoughts on “All Blacks too good for Lions”

  1. 0:24 Read gives Aaron the nod to take a tap… sneaky, the lions would have expected a quick tap… but not a delayed tap…

  2. as a LIONs fan….i must admit that the 2013 series win was a bit of a lucky stroke. We were afterall playing the WEAKEST wallabies side in decades. had Gatland employed those tactics against a full strength aussie side…we not only would have lost the series but it could have been a demolition. Gatland is very 1 dimensional in his tactics and overall game plan….he in NO match for Hanson. Lions have an outstanding squad….there is great strength in dept and skill in abundance. There are playmakers on the squad that can match the ABs to the man….but when they are not utilised by a man clearly stubborn and stuck in his own ways….what can be done! the Lions needed FRESH blood for this tour….for me….Joe Smidth was an obvious choice…given his record against the ABs with Ireland…just think…if Smidt achieved those kind of performances against ABS over 3 tests…narrowly losing 2 tests (by just a score) and winning 1 test away from home (with an exclusively Irish contingent), think what he could have engineered with the LIONS??? i guess we will never know now…

  3. Before I get swamped with trolls, the All Blacks deserved to win the game! But…

    If they want to whitewash the series, they have to polish a few things. Firstly, Peyper allowed them to block the kick chasers, something they did at will; but the next two games will have French refs and the mid week NZ sides have been heavily penalised for these things. I am sure that the AB's will adjust to the ref, because it is something that they do so well, so here's hoping…

    Secondly, the game was a lot closer than the scoreline suggests. The All Blacks did not dominate as much as one would expect. A quick tap, a bit of luck and brilliance from Read and a lucky bounce is not what they usually rely on. Ioane might have been in front of the ball when it was kicked but it was so marginal that I mention it only to avert a counter argument. Best try of the game was the Lions first try. If the Lions get a bit of belief going then the next two games are going to be very interesting, especially if the AB's fall foul of the French refs.

  4. I actually thought the difference between the sides is much smaller than the score suggests. Te'o butchered a try, the first almost-try should have been finished, Liam missed a catch – there's more than the difference gone already.

  5. I think its funny that before this test the talk was the lions are going to do this their going to do that match us in this match us in that after the test its if we did this and if we did that if if if if the fact is the all blacks and dare I say it are for the moment just to fucking good right across the board the ability to play what ever type of game hard fast outside inside up the middle fucking beautiful to watch its what rugby's all about and its only the all blacks that can play that game consistently they have been doing it for over 100 fucking fantastic years!!!!!!! (still their is room for improvement) ha ha ha go the mighty all blacks!!!!!!!!

  6. not too good yet, score line flattering to AB, I saw enough in that game to predict a Lions series win.

  7. Annoyed that the Lions scored that try in extra time. 30-8 was a better representation of the ABs dominance.

  8. If I want to know the result, I'll go to a website. If I want to watch the rugby, I don't want the result in the title on YouTube. Think about it, ARU.

  9. They might want to add Italy France and America to the Lion's. Four against one is still lopsided. They put me to sleep with their Koro speed game.

  10. The All Blacks put their defense back together in the second test. Probably won't cross the line no more

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