20 thoughts on “New Zealand vs Wales rugby 18.06.2016 Test match 2 Spring Tours HD”

  1. As a new fan of Rugby, I'm really impressed by the All Blacks organization and the talent of their players. Thanks for posting a quality upload! Now I must go out and buy an AB's jersey :-)

  2. Wales is very similar country to New Zealand. Wales is in the Uk. They get called sheep shaggers by people from England. They love rugby like you guys. Wales also has a very small population like New zealand and has more sheep living there than people. The welsh love New Zealanders because of our similarities and diversities and you should love us too. The similarties between our two countries is amazing. espesially the diverse landscape for skiing and beaches.☺ Wales❤New Zealand☺

  3. I have only just seen this, the present Welsh team are a shadow of this side. I have never heared such biased commentry. Every time the ABs catch a high ball, it's a good take. Every time Wales do it, it's a lucky bounce. Shame on you.

  4. This is my first time to know the sport which is rugby… I think my life is meaningless so far lol

  5. Never seen this before, but it totally rips off American football with the shape of the ball and those goal posts.

  6. New Zealand Taunts 🙂 So fun to watch. I seriously don't understand how is the rule that a player trow the ball between the two teams aka to his team really works. Same thing with a scerm.

  7. "How far can you get the ball before you break your nose and have a cotton swab duct taped to your fucking head" Should be the actual name of this game.

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