20 thoughts on “Rugby Barbarians – All Blacks 1973”

  1. The try was more than just a rugby score, it was performing art…and it should be shown every year at the national eisteddfod….

  2. Blimey i was 11 yrs old and remember vaugley watching the match on a saturday. What a game, I have always been an admirer of the barbarians and will always support them. These are great moments in rugby in that time era. 🙂

  3. the good old days where when they score hat don't jump on each other and give each other hugs and that.

  4. The game and try ever scored from the amateur era by a player who needs no introduction.

  5. Gentlemen: I have watched the fist Barbar try over and over again but that pass at 4:39 looks very forward to me! Sorry….

  6. The game has not got better
    example the latest world cup
    and the almost endless season of the professional era

  7. All modern day forwards should be made to study the scrums in this era. 8 seconds after the scrum is awarded the scrum is formed. 26 seconds after the scrum is awarded the ball is out and in the scrum half's hands. I played as a forward and even I get so sick of the macho posturing, endless delays and 2 minutes to get the pack formed…

  8. This may have been the best rugby match of all time, but the All Blacks give the worst Haka of all time. They looked like Morris dancers! No wonder they lost.

  9. I still think this is the best top level match ever.  Hey, any match that New Zealand loses is a great match, and I'm not a fan of them, I'll admit!  This was not quite the same British and Irish Lions side that defeated New Zealand in 1971, as it's also not quite the same All Blacks side either from a year and a half prior.  I have to wonder how well these same players would do as professionals in the modern era, as they were amateurs then and obviously not quite as trained as today's internationals.  I only wish the game had only become semi-professional today, because if anything there's too many well-trained players today, and defenses are organized in the rugby league fashion.  Sure, there's free-flowing games like this one, but too often there's static play and play too well orchestrated to a pattern.  One could argue that the reason there are higher scores is the obvious points inflation with them now worth 5 points, and that there's been law changes to induce more running and therefore the likelihood of more tries being scored.  By the same token no one is hurt in this one match, except for Sid Going.  Today there are not only 8 subs allowed, but there's more collisions leading to head concussions.  Not that concussions didn't happen back four decades ago, but they were more likely to occur from a punch from foul play (what happened to Lion Gordon Brown when punched by All Black Peter Whiting in the fourth test in New Zealand on that '71 tour, which would have gotten Whiting a suspension in today's game, and to think he was a school teacher!) than from head-on crash tackles that are now performed rather consistently.  And there's just less kicking overall, and with law changes more recently, less lineouts.  No one gets hurt in a lineout, but players trying to run ball out of their own quarter can and do get hurt.  Tactical kicking in this All-Black/Baa-baas match is something to study, and if only today's players could do the same!  The only bad kick ended up with Gareth Edward's try!  What was Brian Williams thinking?Going back to the game, the Barbarians weren't going to take any gruff from the All Blacks.  They remembered that Canterbury game and that fourth test all too well, and even without prop Keith Murdoch in the side for this match, how he and the All Blacks played dirty when they lost to Llanelli earlier on this tour.

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