20 thoughts on ““The Greatest Game of Rugby Ever Played” – Wallabies Vs All Blacks, Sydney 2000”

  1. Wow. Yes. Vintage. A fantastic game, free-running and raining tries. A fabulous line-up of some of the best players ever.

  2. Australia asleep for 5 minutes plus some luck with one of the Kiwi tries. Then really, Australia flogged them for the rest of the game but still lost. A great side to get back in front of the All Blacks from 24-0 down. Has that ever happened in another game?

  3. The worst game of all time. And thank God, the beginning of the end for that Southern Hemisphere ego trip 'running rugby'.
    First half receive the kick, score all half. Second half kick to them and get scored against all half. Like the completely forgot how to play rugby. Defence, set piece, nothing.

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